Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mandy and the Cowboy Mogul by Angela Claire

AUTHOR: Angela Claire

TITLE: Colorado Dreaming 5: Mandy and the Cowboy Mogul by Angela Claire

PUBLISHER: Siren Publishing

GENRE: Erotic Western Romance

PURCHASE: Bookstrand

Everybody seems to think widow Mandy Parker is some kind of a Jezebel. Never mind that her two marriages to older men were never consummated or that her experience as a seductress is a myth. When a handsome cowboy happens into town, Mandy figures that if she's going to be cast in the role of the temptress, she might as well try to play the part in earnest and at least get the benefits.

Aidan Munroe has just taken over the railroad his family owns. When Mandy seems intent on seducing him, he decides to play a part himself, pretending to be a simple cowboy looking for work and claiming he just doesn't believe in "having relations" before marriage. He doesn't know what he enjoys more—the incredulous look on Mandy's face or her blatant attempts to disabuse him of the concept.

Will Mandy and Aidan ever stop playing their parts long enough to fall in love?

God, she was fucking perfect, just as he’d always known she would be. He’d initially meant to have her undress for him in some tawdry striptease while he watched immobile, but the loveliness of her naked body overwhelmed him.

He’d had to let his cock out or else he’d come in his pants. Breathing heavily, he wanted to have her straddle him and ride him to a well-needed orgasm. But somehow, the complacent look on her face as she came to the bed at his behest made him change his plans. As much as it killed him to wait, he wanted to tease her some more before he gave her what they both wanted.

So he pulled her facedown over his lap. Not her face in his cock, though that would have been nice, but rather so that her pert little ass was over his thighs in just the right position for what he had in mind.

He leaned over to whisper in her ear. “You know what else I’d like, Mrs., er, Mandy?”

She shook her head. “Not really, but there’s not much I can do for you in this position, Dan. Now if I wriggle a little lower…”

She proceeded to demonstrate, apparently envisioning giving him the blow job she’d never even gotten to get started on last time, but he clapped one hand over her soft butt cheek, keeping her firmly in place.

“It’s not what I want you to do to me. It’s what I want to do to you.”

She stopped wriggling and looked over at him. The surprise on her face coupled with the tensing of her butt almost made him laugh. He caressed her silky cheek softly. “I want to…oh, I shouldn’t say it.”

This time she didn’t prompt him to, apparently unsure of the direction of his thoughts. Instead she said, “If you let me up, Dan, I can—”

He brought the flat of his palm down on one cushy butt cheek, rather lightly actually, though from her squeal you’d think it was a lot harder. He rubbed her ass, following the slap, and whispered, “I want to spank you.”

“You do?” she asked weakly.

For all her experience, it appeared Amanda was a little na├»ve in some areas herself. Actually, he didn’t get off from spanking a girl, but he knew it was fairly common, and God knows it’d been offered to him often enough by the experienced mistresses he’d had in the past. Personally, he usually got off more on feeling a woman’s ass while he was fucking her than he did on slapping it, but somehow he felt like Amanda really needed a good spanking, and he didn’t mind giving it to her.

Angela Claire's first love was romance novels, but she resolved to give them up temporarily for law books (which were considerably less fun). In a quest for a 'responsible' career, she headed off to Harvard law school, obtained her diploma and settled into a corporate law practice in New York city...which she hated! After staying in the rat race long enough to pay back her massive student loans, Angela returned to her roots in the Midwest and is now raising two active boys and working as a lawyer at a more leisurely pace than big city law firm life would allow. She writes in her spare time and finds romance in real life with her husband of 24 years. If you would like to contact Angela via her email, she would love to hear from you.


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Thanks Shannon. Thanks for having me!