Be a guest blogger here:

If you are an author and want to sign up for a day where you can post about your books on my author blog, I'm taking spots for any day excerpt Tuesdays, which I'm reserving for my own posts.

I've also started a blog about one of my favorite hobbies, Cake Decorating. If you also have a second (or third or fourth,etc.) hobby that you indulge in and would like to sign up for a blog on my Dessert Diva's Kitchen blog, I'm taking reservations for guest spots (unrelated to book publishing) for my Whipping Up Wednesdays posts.

You can also sign up for a joint blog day where you can post on both! Readers love hearing about their favorite author's latest book releases, but they also like getting to know the authors on a personal level. What better way to give your readers another glimpse into your creative life, aside from your awesome writing!

Note: Joint blogs will be posted on the same day, so readers can jump from one blog to the other and find out all about you and your talents.

To sign up for a guest spot(s), simply email me with the following information:
1) Are you signing up for the Dessert Diva's Kitchen blog,
    Shannon Leigh's Author blog, or both?
2) For Dessert Diva's Kitching blog, I need the following:
    *Text post about your hobby
    *Any pic(s) you want listed with your post
    *Any links you want listed with your post
3) For Shannon Leigh's Author blog, I need the following:
    *Text post (blurb, excerpt, etc.)
    *Purchase info for book (URL, publisher, etc.)
    *Book cover pic and author pic (if you want that posted)
    *Any pertinent author links (website, myspace, facebook, twitter, blog,
      yahoo group, etc.)

Send info to me at: or