Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Roping in Forever by Destiny Blaine

Author: Destiny Blaine

Title: Roping in Forever

Genre: Erotic Cowboy Romance

Publisher: Bookstrand

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Format: ebook

Wednesday, June 1st*

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Corbin Cansey will love the daylights out of Bella McDermott. That is, just as soon as he gets around to it. Corbin has been running from Bella since she was a teenager, and he’s been looking the other way since she became old enough to win his heart.

The trouble is, Bella is tired of waiting. She follows Corbin to a San Antonio rodeo and watches as he indulges in a few sex-related activities. Green with envy, Bella realizes it’s time to teach Corbin a few valuable lessons about loving a woman.

Bella gives Corbin a good taste of what he’s been dishing up—a stout dose of jealousy. And even though her plan is destined to fail, her notions are guaranteed to make a man twitch in his Wranglers, assuming he can keep them pulled up where they belong.


Corbin knew he’d drawn a bad bull. He’d sort of had an uneasy feeling earlier that day when he’d first arrived at the fairgrounds, but after he’d held Bella in his arms, everything changed.

She gave him strength. She made him believe in himself and his abilities. If Corbin listened to some of the whispers around him, staying on Captain Crazy was next to impossible, but for some reason he felt like a man who was about to take the best ride of his life.

Tucking his gloved hands under the rope, Corbin realized all eyes were on him. Hell, half the fans were on their feet, acting like they were getting ready to watch a cowboy’s last rodeo. He hated it when these situations happened. Half the time, a bull’s reputation made a loser out of a cowboy. When the crowd seemed to stand behind the bull rather than the man riding him, well, it just seemed like the odds stacked up against a fella.

Corbin searched the stands, found the large letter A, and dropped his gaze down, looking straight across the arena into the brilliant-blue sparkling, and quite watered down, eyes of the woman he loved. He tilted his hat and slapped his chest.

Bella was his heart. The rodeo was his job.

“You’re good to go,” Travis assured him, helping Corbin lower himself atop the angry bull that would either make or break him in this competition. “You got this, Corbin.”

Corbin swung his gaze toward Bella, one last time. “You’re damn straight I got this.” Smiling wide, he raised his right arm and his head and shoulders flew back. “Okay, fellas! Let’s see if this bull can give a good ride!”

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Destiny Blaine said...

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for hosting a blog stop for the Roping in Forever tour!

Destiny :))

Shannon Leigh said...

Not a problem, dear. Let's hope your book has lots of sales!

Jean P said...

Congrats on the release, excerpt has me wanting to read more of this story and the cover is pretty hot!

Destiny Blaine said...

Hi Jean,

Thanks for dropping by. Roping in Forever became a Siren-Bookstrand Bestseller thanks to the overwhelming amount of support. I think the cover had a lot to do with it as well. ;)) Jinger Heaston created a gorgeous cover.