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Another Chance by Katie Alexander

Author: Katie Alexander and Kelli Lee Mosley

Title: Another Chance

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press

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Format: E-book

BLURB:Megan Mason had a fabulous family, a wonderful husband, amazing friends, a great job and a beautiful home. All she needed was a baby to make her life complete. Little did she know, however, that asking her husband for a child would end her marriage. Suffering the ultimate betrayal, Megan returns to her childhood home to rebuild her life.

Grayson Burke had it all. His family’s construction company was financially sound business was booming. He loved his job and better yet, he worked with two of his best friends. To an outsider looking in, Grayson's life probably seemed perfect. But in reality, Grayson's dream woman wasn't only married to someone else, she was his buddies little sister which meant she was untouchable in every sense of the word.

When Grayson learns that Megan is headed home, everything in his world seems to flip upside down. There's no way he could ever approach a woman whose life has been destroyed. Right? And besides, his friends would kill him. Wouldn't they?

Megan closed the last of the suitcases she'd strewn every which way all over the bedroom floor. Looking around the empty room, it was easy to remember what once had been. The bed sat on the right facing the French doors, and curtains in the same matching sage and purple hues as the bedding dressed the doors and the windows. On her dresser, a collection of perfume bottles sat upon a silver framed mirror along with a matching hairbrush and comb. Everything in the room had been perfect. Now everything Megan owned was in boxes, all of which were on their way to their new home. Most of the bedroom furniture belonged to her Megan's grandmother. After the older woman passed, her furniture, along with many other sentimental belongings in the house in Idaho, were left to Megan. Things that meant so little to anyone else meant the world to Megan. Her ex husband, Alan, certainly never liked any of them and he never bothered to keep his opinions about it to himself either. He was always saying her old things were never as good as anything brand new and why would she want that old crap anyway. Calling Megan's sentimental mementos crap upset her greatly, but what could she do? Alan was her husband. She tried to understand that he wanted to create a new life and her antique family treasures weren't part of the image he wanted for himself or his wife.

Megan walked to the French doors and stepped out onto the patio. The impatients and roses that lined the iron balcony were still there and their petals were almost too bright in the morning sun. Pinks, purples and yellows bloomed all around her and the fragrance in the air made her breathe in deeply. The smell would always remind her of working in the garden with her grandmother. Since the flowers wouldn't make the trip across the country, Megan decided to leave them behind. Looking out at the backyard one more time, Megan felt a bit lost. The garden is where she's always found peace. It was where she hid from her problems. And Lord knew her marriage seemed to be littered with more problems than she could've escaped in a lifetime. Megan's grandma always said that if you needed to think out a problem, it was better to do it elbow deep in dirt. Maybe that was why the garden always looked so good. Getting dirty didn't solve everything, but it gave her an escape from reality through the troubled years. When the tears threatened to fall, she turned and went back inside. Megan closed the doors and turned the lock. Too bad there wasn't a way to lock the memories away too.

It was easy to think that back then life was solid and calm. But who was she kidding? Life then had been hell and Megan needed to keep reminding herself of that each time she felt like giving up. If she didn't, she'd never follow through with her plans to start over.

Megan's marriage had been rocky from the beginning. She'd just finished college in Boise when she had met Alan Mason. The man was too beautiful--blond hair and baby blue eyes that had the power to mesmerize Megan. He was tall and had a lean runner's body. He was sophisticated and knew exactly what to say to Megan to get her to drop her guard. It didn't even take him a week to get her into bed. That alone should have been a red flag but Megan ignored it along with all the other signs that seem to point to the fact that trouble seemed to follow Alan Mason.


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