Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Erotikos--ADULT excerpt

Available now at Amber Quill Press!

WARNING! This excerpt contains strong sexual language and content!

Wrapping his hands around her thighs, he lifted his head off the ground and sunk his tongue into her spread pussy. Candi gasped as he delved deep inside her, seemingly reaching all the way to her navel. She could hardly hold herself erect, let alone work on him while he was doing that.

“God! You have a marvelous tongue,” she moaned, rolling her pelvis forward to afford him a better reach.

“An ye ’ave a tasty fud, lass, made for eatin’.”

Candi shuddered at his profession. She’d never had a man tell her that her pussy tasted good. The eroticism of his words shook her to the core.

Trying to concentrate on the large cock gripped within her hand, she dipped her head forward, kissing the head. Then she pushed the silky smooth helmet through her lips, loving the downy feel of it against her tongue. Being careful not to scrape him with her teeth, she began to suck, carefully drawing him in and out.

Surius thrust his hips upward, forcing himself even further into her mouth. But his self-interest didn’t stunt his ministrations on her. On the contrary, the harder she worked him, the more intent he seemed upon driving her over the edge of all sanity.

Withdrawing his tongue from her cunt, he pressed it flat against her clit and licked up and down. A bolt of pleasure shot through Candi’s pelvis and her hips bucked forward of their own accord. She spread her legs a little more, pressing herself against his face.

With a delighted growl, Surius plunged two fingers into her quivering channel. His tongue worked the tiny head of her tingling bead in a quick up and down flick, while his digits fucked her pussy, pushing in and out until she thought she would scream with delight. Candi’s legs began to tremble.


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