Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Erotikos--Meet Eyanosa

Available now from Amber Quill Press

Renee moved her character forward two spaces. “‘Warriors and Rituals, a proud race are the Sioux. Select your card, the number is two.’”

She glanced first at Candi, then Mina. “You sure about this?”

“It’s a game, Renee. What could happen?” Mina crossed her arms over her chest with an annoyed huff.

“This is me, drinking,” Candi announced, reaching for the José.

Renee snatched the bottle first. “Okay, I give. No more drinking.”

She set the José on the floor, well out of everyone’s reach, then regarded her card. It still lay facedown on the board, waiting for her to pick it up. With a shaking hand, she placed the tip of her index finger on the card’s backside and slowly slid it toward her.

“Here goes.”

The room became uncomfortably quiet as Renee grasped the card by its edge and turned it over. Mina and Candi leaned forward, curiosity gleaming in their unwavering stares. Feeling as though she sealed some inexplicable fate, Renee read her adventure aloud.

“‘Eyanosa, a great Lakota Sioux warrior in South Dakota, has taken part in The Sun Dance ritual in hopes that an emissary of the Wakan Tanka will return to bring peace and prosperity to his people. Your appearance will comfort his heart, but he craves the warmth of your flesh to soothe his soul.’”

When she’d finished, Renee regarded her friends with nauseating unease. Her insides roiled with apprehension. Was that it?

Instinctively she sensed something was about to happen, but she had no clue as to what that might be. They were three half-drunk women playing a stupid board game that Mina had seduced out the hands of an old gypsy woman’s adolescent grandson. What could happen?


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Cathy said...

great storyline, and a book that I think I would really enjoy reading.