Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Erotikos--meet Athan

Available now at Amber Quill Press!!!

“Help me, please,” he begged, his striking green eyes boring into hers before he collapsed to his knees.

Pulling her dress up to her shins, Mina squatted beside him. She grabbed him beneath the arm, helped him back to his feet, then led him into the cottage. After coaxing him onto the bed, she went to secure the door.

“How far behind are they?” she asked, sliding the iron lock into place.

Athan glanced at her, his expression quizzical. “How did you…”

His eyes narrowed a bit, then he grinned. “You know the game.”

He studied her a moment longer. “I don’t remember you. Have you played before?”

Mina shook her head. “No. But I’m not wigged out by paranormal stuff. You don’t frighten me.”

“Really?” he said with a cocked brow. “What makes you think you’re safe? I could just kill you and be done with it, drain you dry.”

Mina snorted. “According to the rules, all players must complete their tasks before they can return. If I don’t go back, no one else will ever play and you’ll be stuck here in this world with no one to fuck. How’s that for rationalization?” she declared, crossing her arms over her chest in bold defiance.

His gaze dropped to her breasts, which were propped upon her crossed arms like a couple of ripe melons. “Hmm…” he purred, taking no care to hide his interest. “Guess you got me. But first we must dispose of my hunter.”


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Cathy said...

Mina is a kick, I think I'm gonna really like her.