Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Erotikos Excerpt--PG

Mina opened the box and removed its contents: a game board, eight playing pieces, a deck of rectangular cards, and two die. After unfolding the board, she spread it out flat across the coffee table. Surprisingly, it comprised most of the table’s span, stretching to near each corner.

“Wow,” Renee exclaimed, stunned by the detailed artwork depicted transversely along the board’s sides.

Each displayed two settings of similar content or theme. The side nearest her seemed to follow a western premise. Half was illustrated with the inside of a teepee, while the other displayed what looked to be a brothel room.

Having little interest in cowboys, Renee disregarded the brawny gunslinger posed on the antique bed and considered the Indian setting instead. Having just recently studied several tribes in her anthropology class, she instantly recognized the markings and d├ęcor as being Sioux, a fierce clan with skilled warriors and enchanting traditions. Her gaze was drawn to the center.

She felt an instant surge of lust for the male character sprawled on his back atop a pile of animal furs. With his hands tucked behind his head, hips slightly cocked, and right knee bent, he appeared to be completely at ease. Renee traced her fingers along the palpable lean muscle in his arms and legs, wishing it were more than just cleverly molded metal she touched.

His glossy black hair glistened with a near blue sheen in the flickering glow of a small fire strategically placed in his shelter’s center. For the briefest of moments, she could have sworn she felt heat lick her fingertips.

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