Thursday, August 28, 2008

Greenwood Manor Review...

Look what Megan at Bitten By Books had to say about Greenwood Manor...

Laura Flannery is a 35 year old woman who needs a vacation, yesterday. She is working at a dead end job, has an old bitty that lives next door and always wants to know her business. If that is not enough, when Laura gets a vacation her neighbor asks if she can feed her five cats. When a post card comes in the mail for a new bed and breakfast, Laura decides to go on a little vacation of her own.

Barnabas is the owner of Greenwood Manor but stays out of sight at first. His butler William and cook Rosie get her settled in. When Barnabas does meet her face to face, he tells her that he is her husband. By the way, he is also dead.

Her stay begins with a taxi driver that cannot wait to get away from her and the house. Strange things keep happening at the old manor such as hearing voices in her head and people floating instead of walking. Laura thinks that she has gone nuts because the alternative is too scary.

This book had me giggling and getting misty all at the same time. Shannon Leigh knows how to get the emotions out of her characters and bring them to life on paper. The love scenes are on the spicy side but done in a way that shows the special connection between Laura and Barnabas. Greenwood Manor is a book that I would recommend to all my friends.

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