Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dark Tales Reviews

Look what Lyda at Bitten By Books had to say about Dark Tales 1: Vampyress...

What is a vampire supposed to do, when she’s stuck in a bar in the middle of a raging storm with no electricity? Especially when she is stuck with humans who have no clue how they are going to pass the time. Storytelling! Someone actually suggests they all share a story to make the time fly by and Vampyress Ivona Knight has been nominated to share the first tale.

So she decides to tell them the true story of how she fell into the darkness. And the silly humans, they cannot seem to tell whether she is telling the truth or simply just trying to scare them. All except one -the one human who shares a remarkable resemblance to her past and only love Dragomir. Lucian is his name, and he is one hundred percent certain Ivona is telling the truth. And even though he is scared to death, he finds himself unable to move, enthralled by her story, he has to hear her tell the rest. Then maybe he could share his own tale.

Vampyress is absolutely captivating. It is truly reminiscent of campfire stories with an audience simply eager to hear more. The story is simply evocative as if I was personally in the setting hearing Ivona tell her tale that I was actually sorry and disappointed when she finished. I ate up every word and personally am anxious to read its sequel.

Shannon Leigh

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