Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boulevard Bellini

Has anyone bought a Magic Bullet Blender yet? I just got one, haven't tried it yet, but I found a recipe on their site that looked pretty tasty. Here's what it says...

A unique frozen version of the snazzy, upscale Bellini cocktail. A delicious blend of fruity flavor that's tasty without being sweet. A perfect cocktail for brunches and luncheons, or poolside, or breakfast, or anytime! (Breakfast?!!! ha ha)

frozen peaches
2 shots champagne
2 shots peach schnapps
1 shot lemon-lime soda
1 tsp. sugarPreparation

First ...Fill a Party Mug or Tall Cup halfway up with ice and add frozen peaches to fill the cup.

Then...Pour in all of the liquid ingredients.

And ... Blend until smooth.

I don't know about breakfast,but it sure sounds like a tantillizing afternoon drink! I could use one of these tonight!

Shannon Leigh


Tara W said...

Breakfast- LOL
What a way to start the day! It does sound good.

Kelly said...

I haven't got one yet, but my friend does and uses it everyday. I like that recipe. I could use a drink of that now.