Thursday, August 28, 2008

Erotikos Review...

Look what Megan at Bitten By Books had to say about Erotikos...

This was a combination of three books in one with three friends who get together for a girls night in. It consists of getting drunk, playing board games and a possible movie. Renee, Candi and Mina are all completely different but are great friends who do not spend enough time together.

Mina brings over a new board game to play that she found. It says that it can bring you adventure in sex for either one or multiple players. The rules are that each woman picks a pewter man of her choice. They have a choice of a vampire, construction worker and a business man plus five others. After reading the directions, they roll the dice to start their own sexual fantasy.

Each woman had her story and a certain man of her choice so there was a variety. The men that were chosen were perfect for each woman and I have to say that I would have picked them all. Hey, I can dream can’t I? Shannon Leigh has been added to my automatic buy list. The sex scenes are very explicit in Erotikos.

Shannon Leigh

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