Monday, April 30, 2012

More Than Human by Velvet RoxXx

Author Name: Velvet RoxXx

Book Title: More Than Human




Format: ebook


Excerpt: Adult
“Accept it Tori.” Bane spoke softly. “I hear your thoughts. If you weren’t my true mate, I wouldn’t be able to hear what you’re thinking.”
“You’re my Fire Mate.” He seemed to growl as he entwined his fingers in her hair. She barely winced as he fisted a large amount and jerked her head backwards, baring his neck to him.
“I’m confused. I—don’t understand!”
Releasing her hair, he lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the couch. “No need to understand, he spoke huskily. “Feel!” He tossed her onto the sofa and began stripping the clothes from his body.
He reached for her, almost ripping the silk robe off her. Something seemed to push the air from her lungs as she fought to breath. Realizing she was naked as a jaybird, she covered her stomach.
“Oh no you don’t!” Bane snarled. “You need to be restrained,” he suggested in an animalistic voice. “Don’t you ever hide your body from me!”
Before she realized it, a silk sash appeared, tying her hands together. An invisible force soon had her arms above her head. Did she want to stop him? She didn’t recognize her voice as her own.
He gazed at her naked body as he explored her curves. While he explored her thighs, she shuddered. She tried sucking her stomach in when his hand glided over her tummy bulge.
“Don’t do that,” he growled against her ear. He continued the seductive exploration of her body. “By the Dragon gods, you’re so beautiful.
She was shocked. Her body didn’t turn him off? She looked into his eyes, but all she saw was his desire heightening. He lingered at the faint stretch marks. He stroked the areas lovingly, nuzzling against her flesh. She hated her stretch marks, but obviously the man worshipped her body.
Tori’s hips lifted off the couch as he kissed and licked her rounded belly. Pleasure shot through her entire body. “Bane.” She crooned. She watched as her boss continued working his way down her body. She gasped when he reached her spot. Tori almost leapt off the sofa. “Bane!” She heard him growl. Immediately, three words came to mind. Sexy. Hot. Inhuman.


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