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Valentine's Day Blog Hop Day 1

Hello! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog during the Valentine’s Day Blog Hop. There are over 200 hundred authors participating in the this year’s Hop and I’m so glad to be a part of it. To check out the other participating authors, just click on the picture on the left.

Over the next 4 days, I’ll be posting excerpts from my books along with opportunities to win 1 of 3 prizes I’ll be giving away.

First Prize is a lovely necklace and bracelet set made by me. For this set, I’ve incorporated a few different types of beads: glass, pearl, seed, and glass bugle. To keep with the Valentine’s Day spirit, I created these pieces using white, gold, and red beads. It’s a lovely set that can be worn with casual clothes or even a nice dress.

Second Prize is a pdf copy of one of my books, winner’s choice. To check out my backlist, please see the right sidebar. All my book covers are listed there. Just click on a cover to find out more about the book.

Third Prize is a 4-piece set of wine charms, handmade by me. There are 2 charms with red, white, black, and silver beads; and 2 charms with pink, black, silver, white, and dichromatic beads. All four are adorned with a beautiful heart pendant and are sure to be a lovely addition to your favorite wine glass.

How can you enter to win one of these fabulous prizes? It’s simple. Just stop by my site one or more days during the Blog Hop (February 11th-14th) and leave a comment about my excerpt for that day. The more days you visit and comment, the more chances you’ll have to win. At the end of the 4 days, I’ll draw 3 winners. See, simple. Be sure to put your email addy in your comment so I can reach you if you win.

If you happen to have missed the previous days’ posts, here’s the links to them so you can be sure to enter for each day:

Day 4   Happy Valentine’s Day!

Okay, so let’s get on with today’s excerpt...

Chasing Booty
Genre: Science-fiction erotica
Excerpt rating: R

His glossy hair swept back from his steep forehead in a pointed crest. Its lengthy locks fell in solid black panes of unblemished silk upon his broad shoulders. Two braids—one at each temple—decorated with an assortment of silver and gold beads, kept his perfectly manicured mane in place.

She focused on the small ivory horns emerging from his scalp, one on each side of the head, just at the hairline. “You know; if it weren’t for the red skin, barbed tail, and…those.” She indicated his horns with a lazy point of her index finger. “You might pass for a normal guy.”

Reese chuckled. “My dear, in this day and age, everything is normal. If what you mean is I could pass for one of your human males, then I assure you, I have what counts…and more,” he added with a secretive smirk. “I’ve even been called gifted.”

Gaelyn’s right brow cocked with skepticism. Stretching herself out on the lounge, she said, “Really?” in a tone that dripped with sarcasm.

Reese nodded, his cocky expression betraying his sense of self-accomplishment.

Her attention shot to his sharply pointed tongue as it swept his bottom lip. Moisture pooled between her thighs again as she imagined him using it to lick her from top to bottom. The thought of him sliding that flexible tip between the sensitive folds of her pussy made her insides quiver with anticipation.

Reese approached the chaise, his gait slow and confident. “Shall we discuss…payment options?”

“Payment?” Gaelyn snapped incredulously, sitting straight up. “I thought we agreed on—”

“For my room and board,” he cut in. “How shall I…compensate you for your generosity?”

Gaelyn melted back against the chaise. “Well, I don’t know,” she replied with a nonchalant shrug. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

Reese stopped at the edge of the settee, his faded blue jean clad shin brushing the velvet material. “I thought maybe we’d take it out in trade.”

She let out a snorty laugh. “What could you possibly have that I’d want?”

He dropped to one knee on the couch, right between her spread thighs. His other foot remained on the floor, balancing his weight. Before she registered his intent, he leaned forward, placing his hands on the divan, one on either side of her head, and successfully pinned her beneath his bulky frame.

“How about ten inches of solid cock?” The offer rolled off his tongue with a thrilling growl.

Unprepared for such a bold proposition, Gaelyn stammered in response. She wasn’t sure what bothered her more, his audacity at assuming she’d be so easy, or the fact that he was right. Quickly regaining her wits, she opened her mouth to tell him off, but before she uttered a word, his lips covered hers with a searing kiss.

A gust of warmth filled her throat and lungs as his unusually hot breath invaded her mouth. Fire coursed through her veins as desire heated her blood to full boil. Feeling as though he robbed her breath, she turned her head and gasped, breaking their kiss.

Sweet Jesus! The man knew how to use his mouth! She wondered at his other skills.
“What makes you think I want—”

“Come on, Gael, you’ve been starin’ at my groin since we left the bar. Don’t play coy, it doesn’t become you.”

Gaelyn glared daggers at him. Arrogant, conceited, self-absorbed…

There weren’t enough vile names for him. Never mind his accurate assessment of things, she did want him. Bad. So bad, in fact, she practically tasted it.

He owes me. For being so nice to him even after all the times he’s cheated me out of my booty.

Her channel spasmed in agreement.

“What are you afraid of?” he cajoled, running a fingertip along her jawline.

Gaelyn molded her hand against the hardened form at his crotch. “Nothin’,” she growled. “I’m not afraid of nothin’.”

His black eyes bore into hers as he licked his bottom lip once again. “Then we have an agreement?”

The feel of his shrouded cock in her hand and his finger against her flesh had all but obliterated her will to argue. Why deny herself simple pleasures? Especially when she had such a luscious specimen of maleness offering to fulfill her every need.

With a quick nod, she agreed to his terms—sex for a place to lay his head. Seemed a fair trade. However, at that moment, she wanted his head between her thighs.


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RoyalCheryl said...

This sounds like a Hot read. Happy Valentine's Day!

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You do beautiful bead work.
This is a different genre than I typically read. Would expand my mind a bit.

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You cut off the excerpt too soon, lol. Sounds great. Thanks for having the giveaway.

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Hope you have a naughty Valentine's Day.Great post by the way..

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Those are so pretty. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Valentine's Day!
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Great excerpt! The story sounds great!

Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for the giveaways! They all sound wonderful.

C.L. Miles

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Really good excerpt. Until about a year ago, I did not know I liked Sci-Fi.
Your jewelry and wine charms are beautiful! Thanks so much for the chance to win one or a copy of a book.
Have a great V'day!
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Wow, that is a hot excerpt. I like your imagination.


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I agree with a comment made stopped your excerpt too soon! It sounds very hot, would love to read it ;) Thanks for being part of the Hop, lots of fun so far.


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Happy Valentine's Day. Very Hot excerpt!