Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shiny Objects by Karenna Colcroft

Author: Karenna Colcroft

Title: Shiny Objects

Genre: Contemporary MFM

Publisher: Passion in Print Press


Format: ebook and print


Elena is happy in her relationship with her live-in boyfriend Corin. But when she runs into her former lover Niko at a party, she realizes she still has feelings for him. Her attempt to form a friendship with Niko goes off-course when the two of them kiss.

When she confesses to Corin, he encourages her to not only remain friends with Niko, but to pursue a relationship with the other man. At first Niko has no objections, but the two men soon become rivals, and Elena isn't sure she can handle being shared.


When she opened her eyes, she jumped. Niko’s blue eyes were inches from her face, staring intently at her. “I wondered when you’d wake up,” he whispered.

“How long have you been awake?” She shifted onto her elbow and craned her neck to see the clock on her bureau. “It’s eight o’clock?”

“Yeah.” He ran his fingers down her arm, making her shiver. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.” She kissed his lips. “Did you sleep okay?”

“Mostly. I’ve been awake a little while, waiting for you.” He yawned. “I’ll probably take a nap when I go home. I’m not used to sharing a bed with someone, let alone two someones.”

Elena looked over her shoulder at Corin, who lay curled on his side facing away from her. Their whispering apparently hadn’t disturbed him, which didn’t surprise her. The man slept like a rock.

“I’m not really used to the two someones thing either,” she whispered to Niko.

“Come here.” He grabbed her and pulled her on top of him. His erection bulged through his boxers. “Can you guess what I’d like to do right now?” he asked in a husky voice.

She glanced at Corin again. “What about him?”

“He’s asleep. If he wakes up, he can join in.” He ran his hands over her ass. “Are you sore from last night?”

She considered it. “A little.”

“Your ass isn’t used to a workout like that.” He pulled her down and pressed his mouth against hers. His tongue pushed its way between her lips, and his hands explored her body until, breathless, she broke the kiss. He grinned. “So I guess I won’t fuck your ass this morning. Just your pussy. Do you want that?”

She was still half asleep. Her body still ached from the night before. Despite that, Niko’s hands and voice made her pussy tingle, and she knew she wanted him, regardless of anything else. Regardless even of Corin sleeping on the other side of the bed.

Maybe he would wake up and join them. That would be a pleasant way to spend Christmas morning.

“Yes, I want you,” she whispered.

Niko’s mouth found hers again. He pushed her panties down slightly and slipped his hand inside them.

She moved against his hand and moaned softly. Her body responded eagerly to his touch.

He broke the kiss. “Take these off,” he ordered, snapping the waistband of her panties against her. “Not the nightie, though. Keep that on.”


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