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Dirty Little Slayer by CR Moss

TITLE: Dirty Little Slayer

GENRE: Erotic
paranormal love story

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books        

PURCHASE: eXtasy Books 

Available in: Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Palm DOC/iSolo (PDB), Microsoft Reader (LIT), Sony PDF, Sony LRF, Hiebook (KML), Html, Mobipocket (PRC), Rocket (RB), Epub (EPUB)

His love. Her soul. A slayer’s duty.
Jay, demon slayer extraordinaire, has gone rogue and is winging her way to New Orleans to meet up with Sophia. She’s expecting nothing more than a fun weekend hanging out with her best friend–until she receives an anonymous call. A contact has information she needs about a weapon and a battle. She arrives at the rendezvous only to find her demon lover, Ash, there.

She now has to make one of the biggest decisions of her life…follow her heart or fulfill her duty.

For your best reading experience, the Dirty Little books should be read in the following order: Secret, Lie, Trip, Girl, Demons, Boys, Slayer.

Jay leaned back, gazed into Ash’s eyes. Desire and passion smoldered in his stare, combined with an underlying glimmer of hope. Her own yearnings for him boiled within her, stretching and coiling in fiery ribbons through her limbs, enflaming her body. She brought her hands around, cupped his face and placed her lips on his.
Ash swung his arms around her, embracing her in his warm cocoon, sending his tongue into her mouth in response to her advance. The second his tongue touched hers in sweet urgency, the bubbling of heated lust within her turned into a searing need for fulfillment. She threaded her fingers in his hair, deepened the kiss as far as she could go without making it look like she was chewing off his face. Their tongues warred, lapped within each other’s mouths, tasting woody and sweet from the drinks. Her breasts, pressed against his chest, strained against their confines. She wanted to release them, have his hands grasp the sexually stimulated mounds, have his teeth nip at the sensitive tips.
Reading her mind, he slid a hand between their bodies and molded his palm and fingers to her breast. She moaned into his mouth, and he smiled against her lips. His goatee tickled, but she didn’t stop their make-out session. They were too deep into the public display of affection. Jay was too aroused to have their joining end, even if they were making fools of themselves in the middle of the dance floor in front of the other patrons and dancers. She didn’t care. All her thoughts centered on one purpose—getting him into a private area where she could rip off his clothes and get his cock into her. She wanted to be where she could trail her tongue along the edge of his goatee and along the rest of his body, where she could taste every single inch of him in rapturous pleasure.
Ash broke the kiss, trailed his mouth over her cheek to her ear. “What would you say, my dear,” his voice rumbled in a soft, sexy purr, “if I said I would like to take you back to my room?”
“I’d say it’s about fucking time.”

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