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An interview with Chris Quinton

Please join me in welcoming Chris Quinton...

Gay Fiction Across Genres


1) Links to website and list of books with purchase links.


The Psychic's Tale - Part 1of the Fitzwarren Inheritance


Fool's Errand - Part 1 ofthe Fool's Odyssey Trilogy

Fool's Oath - Part 2 of theFool's Odyssey Trilogy

Sea Change


Dark Waters

Breaking Point

Clue Game - sequel toBreaking Point

2) How long have you been writing? What got you in to writing?

I've been making up stories for as long as I can remember, sometimes in my head, usually scribbled in school notebooks, foolscap-sized no-longer-used ledgers Dad used to bring home. But the thing that really got me kickstarted was the ex-office typewriter Dad bought for me when I was about ten. Once I'd picked up enough speed with the three/four-finger technique [which I still use today *g*] I never looked back.

3) What was your first published book? Looking back, is there anything you’d change about it?

My first solo book was Dark Waters [Ellora's Cave], and the only thing I'd change would be the cover. Before that I'd co-written several books - all mainstream - with Terri Beckett, under the name of Chris Power.

4) What or Who has influenced your writing?

The What is difficult. Apart from my curiosity, imagination and the universal springboard of "What if...." there isn't really any one thing.

The Who is easy. C.J. Cherryh. I wish I had one tenth of her creativity, her world and character building abilities.

5) Where do you get your ideas?

Everywhere. It could be an overheard random phrase, a photo, a dream, a voice in my head, a place I visit, something in the news, a question I'm asked or overheard - literally anything, anywhere.

6) What hinders your writing? (distractions? noise?)

Household chores I know I have to do. The TV/radio. Music - but non-vocal is okay. Oddly enough I can usually write on journeys; crowded coaches or trains don't bother me, unless I have someone beside me trying to read what I'm writing. Deadlines!!

7) What genre are you most comfortable with? What would you like to explore?

Gay fiction, in contemporary, SF or fantasy settings, maybe with a twist of paranormal. I'd like to explore certain historical settings one day.

8) Are you a by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of writer, or do you have to use an outline to put your collective thoughts into some semblance of common sense?

A bit of both. Sometimes a scene will just leap out at me, and once I've written it, I have to fill in all the missing stuff *g*. Usually I have a loose premise to work within, with important scenes mapped out in rough notes. Other than that, it's seat-of-my-pants.

9) Which of your books is your favorite? Why?

Damn, that's like asking a mother which is her favorite child... Someone asked me that a while ago, and I said Starfall - but I'm pretty sure that was because I'd not long finished it. Looking back with distance between us, I'd have to say I don't have a top favorite. Each story has things in it I'm pleased with and proud of.

10) Do you incorporate some of yourself into your characters? Personality traits? Likes? Dislikes?

Not personality *g*. I try to make each character an individual in his or her own right. But I do sometimes give them one or two of my likes/dislikes.

11) What do you think is the perfect hero/heroine? Why?

Oh, strewth - um - no one individual comes to mind. If you mean what do I think makes a perfect hero/heroine, I'd say [in no particular order] he/she has to have resilience, courage, a sense of humour, inner strength, compassion, the ability to make mistakes and pick up the pieces. A handsome/lovely face and body aren't really necessary, but I have yet to write an ugly charmer *g*. Maybe it's time I did. It'd be interesting to see if a publisher would accept a story with a plain as a pikestaff hero.

12) What is your latest release? Please share the blurb and purchase info with us.

The Psychic's Tale - Part 1of the Fitzwarren Inheritance

RJ Scott has written Part Two - The Soldier's Tale

Sue Brown has written the conclusion - The Lord's Tale

13) What do you have in the works?

Game On, Game Over, a contemporary romance in two halves, set in Tajikistan and then in the UK's Avebury. It's currently awaiting a publisher's yea or nay.

Home and Heart, a Christmas themed story - sort of - about three-quarters finished.

And more Works in Progress than I know what to do with.

14) Do you have any suggestions/comments for prospective authors?

Never stop writing. It's a constant learning curve. Don't take constructive criticism as a personal attack - it comes from people who care enough about your writing to want to help you improve it. And when you're accepted by a publisher, trust your editors. But above all - Never Stop Writing.


1) What is the sexiest or most erotic thing someone has said to you?

Can't remember - how sad is that?

2) If you could be an animal, what would it be? Why?

A cat. They are beautiful, independent, loving, and have their own brand of loyalty.

3) If you had super powers, what would they be? Why?

Hmm... Nothing very daring, I'm afraid - either flight or to breathe under water as well as on land.

4) If you could be an immortal, what would you want to be? Why?

I wouldn't want it. Not unless all my loved ones and friends were immortal as well. Then we would have all of time and space to explore *g*.

5) If you could change three things in the world, what would they be? Why?

 Repair the damage humankind has done to this planet, which would hopefully bring down global warming.

Close the obscene gap between rich and poor in too many countries.

Stop people hating and killing other people just because they're different, be it religious, tribal, ethnic or sexual differences.

6) What would be a perfect date for you?

It would be a toss-up between visiting a castle or mansion with lots of history and beautiful gardens, or walking through woodland with streams, pools and white-water rivers as well as many varieties of trees and bushes.

7) Is there anywhere you’d like to visit? Why?

The list is far to long! How about everywhere? *g* Scotland, Ireland, Wales - every county in the UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, all 50 US states and so on.

8) Do you have any obsessions? What are they?

I have to have a notebook and pen with me when I go out, or else I get twitchy. I might not use it, but it *has* to be there. Just in case.

9) Do you have a crush on any actor/actress? Who?

No crushes *g*.


Be sure to check out Ms. Quinton's excerpt from The Psychic's Tale


Dawn Roberto said...

Hi Chris,

Great interview and I loved the excerpt. Got this trilogy on my reading list. :)

Chris Quinton said...

Thanks, Dawn - hope you enjoy the trilogy *g*.

And thanks for the interview, Shannon, it was fun.

Shannon Leigh said...

I love finding out about authors. I think the interviews really let readers see a little more behind the writer.