Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lycan Lore--ADULT excerpt

Lycan Lore
ISBN #: 978-1-60272-137-1
Genre: Short Paranormal Erotica/Dark Fantasy/Werewolf
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
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Being the tag-along on a camping trip with Heather and Graham is not what Cassandra has in mind for her long weekend. When a tall, dark stranger with staggering green eyes shows up to lend a hand with her tent assembly from Hell, however, she has to rethink her predicament. Despite the mixture of excitement and apprehension he incites with his soul-startling stare, the possibility that she’s just found her brawny Tarzan in the depths of Redwood National Park suddenly doesn’t seem so absurd.

Cray feels an equally potent draw to the fiery redhead with the soft hazel eyes, attractive features, and tempting shape. Despite his resolve, she provokes a primordial calling he’s long sought to contain. He wants this female, he can’t deny, but he knows giving in to such unabashed urges can lead to disaster, and he refuses to sentence this woman to his own horrid fate.

But just as powerful as Cray’s attraction is his unexpected surge of protectiveness. There’s something about Cassandra’s male friend that needles his suspicion. Graham invokes Cray’s predatory sense of dominance, and that doesn’t bode well. If his instincts are correct, Cray knows Graham is more than he appears and Cassandra’s life is in danger...



Cray longed to oblige her wish, to fill her insides with his hard rod and stroke them both to oblivion. But his sense of responsibility reined in his rampant hormones. He couldn’t make love to her as he’d like, but there was a way they could both leave satisfied.

Guiding her hand to his crotch, he encouraged her to touch his hardened shaft through his briefs. To his delight, she eagerly obliged. Shifting to her hands and knees, she pushed against his chest, coaxing him onto the blanket.

Stretching out on his back, Cray tucked his hands behind his head and let her take control. There was no hesitation or uncertainty in the way she eased his briefs over his hips, taking care to release his erection before pulling them down his thighs. Slipping them off his feet, she tossed them aside.

Starting at his ankles, she rubbed her hands up his legs, spreading her fingers as wide as she could. Cray closed his eyes, loving the feel of her palms on his skin. Her touch was like fire against his flesh, setting him ablaze with longing.

She stopped briefly to knead his calves, then continued upward. By the time she reached his thighs, Cray’s breaths had become pants. Fearing he might grab her shoulders, toss her onto the blanket, and drive his length into her hot little pussy, he locked his fingers behind his head.

Her fingertips trailed his groin, just grazing his balls. They tightened, pulling up against his shaft. Cray groaned, wondering if this was such a good idea.
When her lips touched his hip, it was all he could do to stay still. “Cassandra…” he breathed with warning, seriously debating his sanity.

She ignored him, grasping the skin between her teeth in a playful nibble. He gasped, his eyes flying open when his stomach muscles clenched in response to her mischievous bite. He never knew he was ticklish there.

She cast him an impish grin before moving on to her next target. As her small hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, Cray held his breath. He watched, his eyes focused on her mouth as she dipped forward.

As though to amplify his torment, she stared back up at him, her hazel eyes unblinking even as her lips closed around the head of his penis. A shudder wracked his frame as the warmth of her mouth enveloped him. Unable to help himself, he tangled his fingers in her hair, part of him wanting to stop her and the other goading her to finish what she’d started.

But Cassandra obviously had no intention of stopping. Gripping him firmly within her palm, she balanced herself with the other hand on the ground and rose up on her knees. Hovering above his groin, she began a slow and methodical process of torment.



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