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Intimate Confessions-Intimate Temptations 2 by Nicole Morgan

About the Author

Nicole Morgan was an avid reader who kept having one recurring problem. Ideas of stories kept popping into her head. She ignored her desire to write until her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to research what steps she would have to take if she truly wanted to take a chance and write.

Nicole took a chance and followed her dream. She has been blessed with some fabulous opportunities and has met some wonderful people along the way. Writing is a true love to her and has brought her a new and profound happiness with every step she’s taken along the way.

She currently lives in Colorado while continuing to write and look for new and interesting ways to bring her characters to life for the readers.

Book Title: Intimate Confessions - Intimate Temptations Book 2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand, Inc.
Format: all eBook formats

When Derek met Sandi all the pieces of his life fell into place, but the young and inexperienced Sandi wanted desperately to discover who she was and pushed Derek away in search of something she was missing.

Devastated from losing Sandi, Derek arrives at Pleasure Seekers, an estate which specializes in play of the adult variety, anxious to start his new life.  A chance encounter with the very woman he was trying to forget brought his plans to a screeching halt.

Angry and wanting nothing more than to hurt her the way she had him, he set out to do just that. Only Sandi had changed in their time apart and was willing to do anything to get him back in her life again.

Old wounds and Intimate Confessions come to the surface as the couple faces the choice of forgiving or forgetting the only person they’ve ever loved.

Sandi remained motionless for several seconds after she heard the door close before turning her head to see if Derek had really left. Once she looked over her left shoulder and didn’t see him, she quickly spun her head around to survey the rest of the room.

Was he still in the room with her, but waiting to see if she reacted? She wondered, but as soon as she asked the silent question to herself, she already had her answer. Derek had in fact left the room. She was handcuffed to the bed and alone with nothing else but her thoughts.

Instinct made her want to cry. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs and beg him to come back. Instead, she bit back her tears and tightly squeezed her eyes shut. She knew very well that she wasn’t entitled to her sadness.

There was no one else she could blame for her current situation other than herself. Two years ago she had pushed Derek away. He was the only man who had ever treated her with respect, kindness, compassion, and love. He was the only man that she had ever loved, and rather than cherish that, she had thrown it away, all for some obsession, some elemental need she thought she had to have.

She hated that after two years she still hadn’t found a way to fulfill those unexplained desires. No one that she had met over the past two years had even come close, not even Tony, the one she was foolish enough to leave Derek for. Just remembering the man who had introduced her into this world made her cringe. She detested him for making her think she wanted this kind of lifestyle.

If only she knew then what she knew now, she would have never left Derek and their life together for a life she clearly didn’t want.

A gut-wrenching pain tore through her heart when that thought made her realize that in all these months over the past two years she hadn’t felt even the smallest amount of pleasure from all the acts she had participated in. She hadn’t gotten any enjoyment from any of it. That was not until moments ago when Derek had been inside of her, taking her from behind, while she was handcuffed to a headboard in a place where she asked for only punishment.

Oh God! she thought to herself. Was Derek the missing piece to the puzzle of her desires? Was he what she had been searching for this whole time?

She knew the answer to the question already. The one man who she had tossed aside so carelessly two years ago was the only man who could ever truly make her happy.

She jerked her mind back to reality when she heard the door open. She spoke before she was able to stop herself.

“Derek?” Disappointment washed across her face when she saw it was Zach.

“No, Sandi. Derek has gone to his room. I came to make sure you were okay.”

She didn’t respond to him as she waited for him to finish unlocking the fur-lined cuffs which had her wrists attached to the bed.

Zach’s arm grazed her exposed bottom, and for some reason at that point she became very aware of her nakedness. Nervous emotions overcame her, making her face flush and heat from embarrassment.

When the last cuff was unlatched, Zach gently took her shoulders and brought her body back down to a sitting position.

“There, you must be sore from being in that position and on your knees for so long. Is that better?” he asked her while handing her a small satin robe which had been hanging on the bedpost.

She nodded uncomfortably, not really sure what to say to him.

Zach brushed a stray lock of hair away from her eyes and smiled at her. “Please don’t be embarrassed. I promised you when I found you that I would give you happiness.”

Her heart began beating much too fast. “I know you did. But I still don’t understand what that means. Or how…Derek, I know him.”

A robust laugh came from Zach, which almost startled her at first.

“Did you know that I knew him?” She almost whispered the question, but the smile on his face gave her the answer before she had a chance to finish asking it.

He held up his hand in a gesture to silence her. “Sandi, does it really matter if I knew? Does it really matter that you knew him, or he knew you?”

He hesitated for a moment before he continued. “No, Sandi. None of that matters. All that matters is that you are here, Derek is here, and you both want something that I have the opportunity to give you. Just let whatever fate brings your way happen.”

She wanted to say something. She wanted to question his motives, or how he knew of their connection to one another, but she realized that his reasons and the circumstances didn’t matter. He was right. She wanted Derek. She loved him and needed him.


She was the first to pull away and look back at the men. Derek had again been lost in a moment with her and completely had forgotten about them. Unbelievably, they were still in there.

“Look at that,” she whispered, her head now leaning back against his chest.

“Yes. I see them. Tell me what you see.” Please, he said to himself.

“It’s so beautiful. Look at how they’re all so focused on making each other feel good. The way Aiden is taking him in his mouth, do you see the look in his eyes? I know that look. I know how that feels. When you can’t get enough of that person.” She brought his hand up to her mouth and kissed it. “It’s how I feel when I do that to you. It’s such a feeling of dire need. Like all I will ever need is you inside of my mouth. Stretching and working my jaw as you hit the back of my throat.”

“Baby, you are so good to me.” He felt strangely tender in that moment despite what they were watching.

Her hand reached up over her and covered his mouth. “Please let me finish.”

He smiled. “Sure, go ahead.”

“Look at how Zach and the other man are watching each other. Do you see how they’re alternating their thrusts as though to not give Aiden too much at once? And how Zach’s hand hasn’t stopped stroking him? It’s like they’re taking care of him. This isn’t just about three men fucking. They’re taking care of one another.”

Jesus. He didn’t know how, but he was starting to see what she was saying.

“Look at Zach’s face, Derek. Look at how close you can tell he is. He keeps slowing down and clenching his jaw. He won’t stop, though, because as long as Aiden is moaning and his body is rocking between them, they’re going to keep fucking him.”

She turned around and placed her hands on his chest. “It’s so beautiful, Derek. When I see things like that, when I see people giving each other pleasure, I don’t see anything other than beauty. And then it makes me ache for you.”

Despite the sweetness in her eyes and the softness of her voice, he knew this was not a time to make love to her. No. This was a time to take her in a way he never had before. And if she got off on watching three men fucking, then that was what she would see.

“Turn around, spread your legs, and place your hands high up on the wall.” His curt tone was meant to do one thing and one thing only. Excite her. The flush that rose in her cheeks told him it did just that. He watched her do exactly as he said, but didn’t think she’d spread her legs far enough apart.

“I said spread your legs.” He brought his hand back and slapped it across one of her cheeks. “Prove to me how badly you want my cock pumping your pussy.”

There it was again. She gasped. Not like she had minutes before, but she was close. Holy hell! His sweet Sandi, the love of his life, liked it rough and dirty sometimes.

“I’m waiting.” He slapped his hand across the other ass cheek. He was taken aback at first by the handprint appearing from the first slap, but despite his shock, his cock twitched and became unbearably hard at the sight.

He came up behind her, bent his knees slightly, positioned his head against her sopping wet hole, and whispered into her ear, “What do you want?”

“Fuck me!” She screamed the words so loud, it caught the attention of the men in the other room. All their heads turned.

Derek made eye contact with Zach. It was odd for a moment, but a strange bond of understanding came in the form of a nod as Zach and the other men suddenly stopped moving slow and began pumping at Aiden fiercely.

He thrust inside of her hard and fast, his head hitting the deepest parts of her. “Look at them,” he demanded as he reached around and pinched her nipples.

She squealed, and he wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or pain, so he loosened his hold.

“Harder, Derek. Please, harder!” She wasn’t whimpering or asking. She was shouting.

This was it! This was what he’d been waiting for from her. “What, baby? Your nipples? What?”

“God, both! Fuck me harder. Squeeze my nipples harder! Everything!”

Pumping into her harder and faster, pinching her nipples, and doing everything she asked for, he felt her whole body shaking. He didn’t think he’d ever felt it so good before. Her insides seemed to be grabbing onto him and holding him so tightly with every time he thrust so deep inside her.

His concentration broke for a moment when he heard howls coming from the other room. The three men were starting to come, and from the moans Sandi was making and the way her body was moving with his, he knew she was close.

“Tell me your darkest fantasy! Now!” he screamed into her ear.

“Derek…I want…” Her voice trailed off as she watched Zach finish stroking Aiden until he came all over the chair.

He stopped his thrusts and squeezed her nipples harder than he ever thought possible. “If you want my cock, you will tell me right fucking now what it is you want!”

“Oh God!” she screamed.

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