Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That time again...

Well another month has gone by and it's my turn to blog again at the Amber Heat Blog. I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by. These last two weeks have been pretty trying. My littlest son has been visiting with his father and I'm not used to him being gone so long. Yes, I'm the clingy mother, can't help it, he's my baby. But he'll be back in a couple of days and I'm sure I'll be ready to pull my hair out by the end of the weekend! His brother's have asked nearly every day when he comes back. We're all anxious to see him.

I've had quite a lot happen over the last month. Two book releases: Dark Tales 1: Vampyress from Wild Child Publishing, and Chasing Booty from Amber Quill Press. I'm pleased to announce that when the monthly sales reports came back from Amber Quill, I found out that Chasing Booty was the top seller in the Amber Heat category.

But I can't gloat long. I also discovered that I'd been moved from an "alternate" in an upcoming Amber Pax to one of authors scheduled to have an included story! The deadline for manuscript completion was April. I hadn't even started!!! After the shock and stark terror (okay, that's a little much, how about apprehension) left, I knew I had to get down to business. I'm about 6000 words in to it and rolling right along. Thank goodness the release date isn't until August!

In addition to my working, raising kids, and my writing regimen, my fiance and I have taken on the endeavor of finishing my 1475 sq foot basement. We started with four concrete walls and nothing more, but have really come quite a ways. Our basic plan is to put a bedroom and bathroom along the far wall, closet in the furnace and water heater (which by some crazy reason the builder saw fit to place right in the friggin middle of the basement), put a bar/game area in the opposite corner from the bathroom, make a storage area under the steps, then finish the outer walls the rest of the way around. While it will likely take several months to complete, I can happily say we've finished studding the bedroom and bathroom. The next house will have a finished basement! ha ha.

Shannon Leigh

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