Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chasing Booty just released

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-267-5
Genre: Science Fiction / Futuristic / Action / Adventure / Interracial / Multicultural
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (20k words)
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
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Pg: 102


When cops can’t catch the most-wanted criminals, they hire Gaelyn. She comes from a long line of bounty hunters, including her father, uncle, and grandfather. Extensive training in weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, and adverse conditions have seasoned her into a formidable opponent against any contracted hit, whether male, female, alien, or human. She has little fear of the unknown and thrives on adventure.

Only one other hunter matches her status—Reese, a Trøndite from the small planet of Sør-Trøndalag in the Capricornus Sector. And the man has a knack for stealing her contracts. Both cunning and gorgeous, the mix doesn’t seem quite fair. But attractiveness holds little power over money. Reese had beaten Gaelyn out of a half-year’s pay a scarce three months ago, and she will be damned if he outwits her again.

Thinking she’s duped Reese back onto Jupiter, Gaelyn isn’t too happy when she runs into him on Quaoar at the Blue Moon, an authentic hole-in-the-wall bar tucked at the end of a narrow alley in what would be considered the rough part of town; just the place to find her contracted hit. But Reese not only has the information she needs to find her mark, he also has a business proposal that’s too tempting to pass up. And a partnership with Reese just might prove rewarding in a way Gaelyn never expects...


r. said...

Hey Shannon:

I haven't read your work before, but I really liked the excerpt and blurb because Gaelyn seems like a "no nonsens kind of gal! I like when an alpha woman falls for an alpha man. Good looks don't hurt either. (lol) CONGRATS!


Shannon Leigh said...

Thanks! I write mostly paranormal stories. This is my first sci-fi.

r. said...

What made you decide to try something different? did it just pop in your head or did you get suggestions from others?